AIMPrintScreen is an open source screenshot utility for windows, optimized for still-screencasting over chat
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"Pure genius!"
- David Morrocavi

"Just the kind of utility you wished was built right into AIM, but isn't."
- Eitan Lopez

"Send me this program!"
- Gabriel Dunne
  Quickly take screen shots of selected areas on the screen and paste them into the AIM window.

1. Connect to Send IM Image with your AIM Buddy, from the People pull-down menu at the top of your buddy's chat window.

2. After your buddy accepts direct connection mode, you can now launch AIMPrintScreen by clicking the desktop icon, choosing AIM Print Screen in the Start Menu, or pressing your hotkey.
3. Your cursor will turn into a crosshair. This is your cue to draw a rectangle around the area of the screen you want to capture.
4. After you release the mouse button, your cursor will turn back to normal. This means that the picture is now on your clipboard.
5. Now paste (Ctrl+V) the image into your buddy's chat window.


Right-click to draw a faded spotlight in your scene. This is useful to those who are giving tutorials about interface and want to point things out without describing them.

JPEG Compression

Before you start to drag the rectangle, you can choose the JPEG quality of the screen shot by pressing a number key on the keyboard. This allows you to make smaller file sizes - which will send much faster over the internet. Here is a table of JPEG qualities for each according keyboard key:

Without shift down: With shift down:
Key:0 = 100%
Key:1 = 10%
Key:2 = 20%
Key:3 = 30%
Key:4 = 40%
Key:5 = 50%
Key:6 = 60%
Key:7 = 70%
Key:8 = 80%
Key:9 = 90%
Key:0 = 0%
Key:1 = 1%
Key:2 = 2%
Key:3 = 3%
Key:4 = 4%
Key:5 = 5%
Key:6 = 6%
Key:7 = 7%
Key:8 = 8%
Key:9 = 9%

Please submit bug reports via Sourceforge by clicking here.

Sometimes you might paste into the AIM Buddy chat window only to find that AIMPrintScreen failed to put your rectangular creation onto your clipboard and thus, you accidentally paste your previous clipboard contents. This is a bug that I do not yet know how to resolve, as none of us know how to reproduce the error. In order to fix the problem, you can do one of two things:

1. Launch Notepad
2. Paste the text into notepad. You should see HTML code ie. "<HTML>...</HTML>"
3. select all
4. cut the text (Ctrl+X)
5. close Notepad
1. Paste into the AIM Window. Your text should show up
2. On the desktop, double-click the My Computer icon
3. Find the C: drive icon, and double click it
4. Find "aimquickprtscrn.jpg"
5. drag it into the AIM buddy chat window

Also, AIMPrintScreen completely crashed Gabe Dunne's PC, but I have reason to believe that he has a disfunctional graphics card.

skweezel: I prefer to think of it as, "aim gimmickery challenged" thank you very much.
11/16/06 this webpage found in CVS and brought to the webroot.
03/28/03 AIMPrintScreen goes OpenSource Logo
04/22/02 Spotlight tool with Right-Clickers (just cause)
04/19/02 Interface Cosmetics - Windows XP/Mac OS X style Selection rectangle (transparency) with the help of aphext1m (tintRect.dll is born)
04/15/02 help file, install file, and cool icons created as user population grows
02/03/02 JPEG Comression added (we actually started using it)
10/32/01 AIMPrintScreen written as better alternative to AIMQuickSketcher (can't beat photoshop and mspaint at being quick drawing tools!)
10/25/01 AIMQuickSketcher Implemented as AIM Napkin Sketching tool for the Nimoy brothers